Mercenary Rotations

Bounty hunter mercenaries have many attacks and heals they can use when they are in battle but what attacks/heals you use and when will determining how good your DPS or heal.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is most attacks/abilities that bounty hunters use use resource called heat. If abilities that use heat are cast too quickly this heat will build up and the cooldown rate goes down. If you get too hot you will not be able to attack or use other abilities. Careful management of heat allows the bounty hunter to be a much more effective healer or damage dealer.

Heat Level
Heat Dissipation(per/sec)

Mercenary DPS Rotations

Let me start off by saying heat management is your friend, the better you manage your heat the more dps and healing you have the ability to do. If your using an ability will put your heat over 20 you should be using Rapid Shots instead as Rapid Shots does not cost heat so you will be cooling down while you use it. Also remember Vent Heat to can be used to reduce your heat.

Mercenary Arsenal DPS Rotation:

Single Target Rotation:

Explosive Dart (whenever this falls off recast)
Power Serge(if available) then Fusion Missle
3x Tracer Missles
Heat Seaker Missles
Unload (when it procs)
2x Tracer Missles
Rail Shot(when at 5 stacks from Tracer Missles)

Remember heat is all imporant to manage your heat, remember to use Rapid Shots to keep your heat down.


Mercenary Pyrotech DPS Rotation:

Single Target Rotation:

Incendiary Missile - Use Thermal Sensor Override before casting Incendiary Missile(if possible) as will make using this skill cost 0 heat.
Thermal Detonator
Rail Shot
Power Shot

Mercenary Healing Rotations

Once again heat is one of the main factors you have to take into account as mercenary when healing. The higher your heat gets the less effective you will be at healing over time. Try to keep it as low as possible during a fight but if you have to heal a lot in a short period of time to keep the group or tank up then remember to use your cooldowns to manage your heat.

As a healing merc you should be using the following rotation:

Rapid Shots - You should be using this whenever you are not doing something else, it builds up your charges of Supercharged Gas each time you use it and heals but generates 0 heat, this is your main filler.

Main Heals:
Kolto Missile(for buff) > Healing Scan > Rapid Scan
Without another healer to provide the armor buff, Healing Scan needs to be cast on the tank on cooldown regardless of if he needs heals or not. If you're in an OP with a healing sorc, then don't worry about it.

For Heavy Single Target Healing:
Super Charged Gas | Healing Scan > Rapid Scan > Healing Scan > Rapid Scan > Healing Scan > Rapid Scan

For Heavy Group Healing:
Super Charged Gas | Kolto Missles > Healing Scan > Rapid Scan > Healing Scan > Kolto Missles > Rapid Scan

Filler/Heat Reduction Tools:
Emergency Scan > Reapplying Kolto Shell > Rapid Shots

Combat Support Cylinder Stack Building:
Rapid Scan > Rapid Shots
If you're at or close to 0 heat, you should build stacks with rapid scan, not rapid shots.

Things to remember as a merc healer:

Heat management is key. Try to keep your heat between 0-20 on a regular basis but durring points where you have to heal more don't panic that is what your cooldowns are for to allow you to heal and then lower your heat back to managable levels. If you go above 40 heat and you don't think you are going to get a chance to slack off on casting then consider using vent heat to lower your heat. If you have use another cooldown you can also use SG to lower your heat.

If you know a damage spike is coming be prepaired for it by having your heat as close to 0 as posible and having your COOL-cooldowns ready. If no spike is coming use your heals to build up your stacks for Supercharged Gas, remember Rapid Scan builds CSC stacks faster than just Rapid Shots but it generates heat so remember to take that into account.

Now for buffs, keep use healing scan on tank whenever it is off of cooldown and also keep up kolto missle on tank for the 10% healing on them. Mercs have the worst method of keeping the armor buff up.

Use your cooldowns.
- Supercharged Gas - It causes a Gloval Cooldown but can activate it during one. Consider using it after Emergency Scan, Kolto Shield, or Rapid Shots(something that is going to generate some heat) as Supercharge Gas lowers heat. Use it on cooldown or durring high damage phases of fights.
- Thermal Sensor Override (heat reduction talent).
- Power Surge + Rapid Scan on cooldown when needed.


Mercenary PVP Rotations

coming soon.


Mercenary Stats:
Power > Aim > Crit=Surge > Alacrity


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