SWTOR Mercenary Builds (updated for 1.3)

Bounty Hunters in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Powertech (Tank / DPS Class) or a Mercenary (DPS / Healer class). The Bounty Hunter Mercenary uses 2 blasters for increased ranged dps and has healing skills. Mercenaries have three trees to choose talents from: Arsenal (DPS tree), Bodyguard (Healing tree) and Pyrotech (a shared DPS tree shared with the Powertech Class).

Below I will list the best swtor mercenary builds to use for your bounty hunter so you do not have to waste valuble play time figuring out what works :)

If you wish to submit a mercenary build please email it to admin@mercenarybuilds.com. When you email in your build please have a link to your build, clearly list what it is for and any other relevant information I should know about this mercenary build.

Now first off a little information about the recorce a bounty hunter uses heat, this is the same for both the powertech and the mercenary. Most SWTOR Bounty Hunter abilities have a heat cost associated with them, each ability you use an ability that has a heat cost the hotter you get. Now at the same time you are using abilities that are using heat you also are cooling down but the cooldown rate is dependant on how hot you are. The hotter you are the lower your cooldown rate is. The key to being a good bounty hunter is heat management. This means you do everything you can to always stay as cool as posible.


The changes that effect the Bounty Hunter Mercenary in patch 1.3 are as follows:

•Barrage now properly affects Unload while wielding a single blaster pistol.
•Terminal Velocity has been redesigned. While High-Velocity Gas Cylinder is active, there is a 50% chance per point to vent 8 Heat every 6 seconds.
•Tracer Lock and Light 'Em Up have swapped positions in the Skill Tree. Tracer Lock now requires Tracer Missile and Light 'Em Up now requires Tracer Lock.
•Light 'Em Up now additionally grants an extra stack of Tracer Lock and Power Barrier, if applicable, with each Tracer Missile fired.
•Custom Enviro Suit now increases healing received by 1% per point (down from 3%).

•Advanced Targeting has been redesigned and now gives Unload and Rail Shot 10% of armor penetration per point.

Bodyguard Builds(updated for 1.3)

Mercenary builds that focus on the Bodyguard tree(Healing tree).

(31/8/2) PVE Bounty Hunter Mercenary Healing Build - This is a good PVE healing spec for SWTOR Bounty Hunters.

swtor commando healing build

(31/8/2) PVE Raid Mercenary Bodyguard Healing Spec - This Mercenary Raid healing spec has all the skills needed to max your raid healing. This will be considered the cookie cutter build for raid healing.


Arsenal Builds(updated for 1.3)

Mercenary Builds that focus on the Arsenal tree (DPS tree) will be listed here.

(13/28/0) Arsenal DPS/Healing/Survivability Build - Build with very good dps, CC abilities and healing to help with survivability.

(5/33/3) Mercenary Arsenal PVP Build - Commando PVP Build.

Firebug (Pyrotech) Builds(updated for 1.3)

Mercenary builds that focus on the Pyrotech (DPS) tree will be listed here. This tree is also shared with the Vanguard class except the damage done here is ranged instead of melee.

(3/7/31) Pyrotech PVE Build - This build works very similar to the Powertech build for this tree but does ranged instead of melee damage. This spec is heavily dependant on procs to do high damage.

(3/7/31) Pyrotech PVP Build - This is very similar to the above build with PVP abilities added for CC.

Hybrid Builds

Mercenary builds that have talents mixed in several mercenary trees will be listed here.


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